Gevers Landscape Architecture LTD.


A German landscape architecture firm based in Dubai.

They are specialized into landscape design for infrastructure projects, Urban parks & Squares, heritage, housing & resorts, … etc. in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

I was asked to photoshoot the following projects:

  1. The Criminal Court Plaza.
  2. Salahaddin Underpass & Tunnel Deck Plaza.
  3. Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Tunnel Cladding.

Ar Riyadh Development Authority (ADA).


Established in 1974, chained by HRH Governor of Riyadh. They carry out the strategic Urban planning, implement exceptional metropolitan development programs, handle Urban management & operations, coordinate & follow up on metropolitan development programs, manage Riyadh Urban information system, carryout the architectural projects needed by the different government bodies in the city. i.e. Responsible for the city planning & urban development in Riyadh.

I was asked to photoshoot the following projects:

  1. Abi Bakr Al-Seddiq Road Extension across the Old Airport.
  2. Orouba Road Extension across the Old Airport.
  3. King Abdullah Road Entire Corridor.
  4. Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz Square.
  5. King Abdulaziz Road Underpass & Plaza.
  6. Photo shooting several projects from the helicopter.

De Beeldredaktie Picture Performance.


  • Started in 2003 by Gerard Paul Haga. They provide photography service through photographers around the world. They Perform portraits, company reports, sports, architecture, studio and documentary.
  • I was asked to photoshoot portraits/ landscape photography over two different sites for Riyadh Metro Project, Saudi Arabia.

The Design Avenue.


Design office in Egypt. They practice interior, architecture, landscape design for residential & commercial projects in Egypt.

I was asked to photoshoot several projects:

  1. Lychee Fruit Bar
  2. The Design Avenue Office
  3. Royal Crest
  4. Ogma
  5. L’Aubergine
  6. Private Studio
  7. Scarpa Shoes Shop
  8. C & CO
  9. Dixie Cream

ASAS Design.


A design office firm based in Egypt. They practice architecture, interior, furniture and product design. In Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania & Palestine.

I was asked to photoshoot the interior design of the following projects:

  1. M.K. Residence, Cairo, Egypt
  2. ASAS Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt



An Architectural Firm based in Cairo, Egypt. They are lately looking for collecting their design projects. So, I was asked for this mission through photo shooting these projects. In addition to do some site photoshoot as well as time-lapse for presentation of their present design projecting they are submitting for their clients.

I was asked to photoshoot the following projects:

  1. The Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt (Photography & Time-lapse).

ElGhoneimi Architects.


Established in 1983, ElGhoneimi Architects continues to design innovative, contemporary buildings with a range of aesthetic and clients. The firm’s experience varies from classical to modern and sustainable designs, with a vast clientele in Residential, Corporate, Hospitality, Education, Government, Medical, Cultural and Recreational industries.

The started to upgrade their website in order to update their own portfolio so I was asked to photoshoot the interior designs for commercial, hospitality & cooperate projects of the following projects:

  1. Novotel Hotel, Marsa Alam, Egypt.
  2. Hanimex Mall, New Cairo, Egypt
  3. EG Bank City Stars Mall Branch, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
  4. EG Bank New Cairo Branch, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt.
  5. The Executive Sampled Room in Conrad Hotel, Cairo, Egypt.
  6. The Deluxe Sampled Room in Conrad Hotel, Cairo, Egypt.
  7. Interior Design Photography for The Hub Advertising Office, Cairo, Egypt.

R-1V GmbH – Ingolstadt, Germany.


  • An Architectural office based in Germany. They work on the Audi Corporate architecture & design and develop the Audi terminal concept worldwide with the corporate architects from Audi AG.
  • I was asked to use one of the photos I took for the Audi terminal in Dubai, as a cover for their website.

Mechanic Distribution & Logistics – Cairo, Egypt


  • Started in February 2015. A branch of MHS Group – The Italian firm, specialized in material handling projects: Airports (Balance Handing Systems), Postal Automation & Assembly Lines white goods.
  • They decided to make a photoshoot for their headquarters in Egypt to be added in their own websites in Egypt.