Saint George Church – ElGyoushi

Saint George Church – ElGyoushi

Saint George Church – ElGyoushi

Project details

  • Location: Shobra, Cairo, Egypt
  • Architect: Maher Demian
  • Date Constructed: 1938-1950
  • Extensions: 1964


Back to the 1938, the church was owned by a family were they were going to build their own house, then they built a church according to a special demand. The Charitable Coptic Orthodox Association for Peace played a role at the church reconstruction after building a small temporary church.

Main Features:


White vault ceiling filled with patterns of Stars & Crosses, in addition to the Green/Blue Glazed windows with clerestory lighting and painted yellowish windows


It’s filled with patterns at the front facade in addition to the cross crenelations on the top in addition to saints paintings.


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