King Abdul Aziz Road Across Underpass & Plaza

King Abdul Aziz Road Across Underpass & Plaza

Project details

  • Client: Ar Riyadh Development Authority (ADA).
  • Designer: Gevers Landscape Architecture LTD.,
  • Location: King Abdul Aziz Road Across Orouba Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    One of my professional photography projects in 2014 owned by the ADA (Ar Riyadh Development Authority). A refurbishment was done there through making a hardscape/landscape design for urban purpose and a tunnel to decrease the traffic jam in this area.

    The Main aim was to show the variety of the levels in the hardscape. Also it wasn’t necessary to wait for clouds like in the landscape as the toughness/roughness is emphasized.

    Another aim was to shoot the light design features that were made in the tunnel using long shutter exposure.