King Abdullah Road

King Abdullah Road

Project details


One of my professional photography projects in 2014 was owned by the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA). A 12 km long King Abdullah Road was designed by Gevers Landscape Architects LTD.

A redesign was made for the road adding landscape designs and creating public open spaces. My task was to show each open space landscape design within its features: the red gate frame, outdoor furniture, water features, light design, pedestrian borders, and materials in each road cross in which they are eight in addition to the in-between road views.


Also, it was necessary to take the shots during moments when the streets are almost empty to avoid showing people in the images and for privacy.

I used the “Long Exposure” in some shots of my photoshoot to avoid anything passing from being captured in the shot and make dynamism in the image itself and make the water feature more smooth.