The Criminal Court Public Plaza

The Criminal Court Public Plaza

Project details

  • Client/Landscape Architect: Gevers Landscape Architecture LTD.
  • Architect Designer: Albert Speers Partners.
  • Location: As-Salam District (Qasr Al-Hokm), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


One of my professional photography works for the landscape design of the Criminal court designed by Gevers Landscape Architecture LTD., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In the beginning, I’d faced a problem that taking shots was only allowed during the working hours of the court only. After a coordination I was able to take shots before/after the working hours with minimum timing for security reasons. I was lucky that I have the permission letter from Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) to take any shots for its own project. The Criminal Court was one of them.

Choosing different timing was to show the overall design through day and night reducing the shutter speed to show the motion of the vehicles as much as I can.

The night shots were taken to show the light design relationship with the building landscape.

The sunset shots were taken to show the light with the beautiful landscape design shadows on the ground, in addition to the clouds make the feeling more natural.

I also chose the Friday morning before Friday prayers as the public areas are always empty during this time trying to avoid taking shot for anybody pass through the park.

Since I wasn’t able to get up to the buildings surrounding The Criminal Court, I merged a number of images that reached 6 images to show the overall project. The image took me about 2 hours as I enhance each image then blending them together.

I also used wide and zoom lens to show the landscape design relationship with the modules.