Orouba Road Extension across the Old Airport

Orouba Road Extension across the Old Airport

Project details

  • Client: Ar Riyadh Development Authority (ADA).
  • Architects: Bödeker Partners (bp-la) + Eduard Gevers Landscape Architect.
  • Location: Orouba Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

One of my professional photography projects in 2014 owned by the ArRiyadh Development Authority). 6 km long of Orouba Road Extension across the Old Airport designed by Gevers Landscape Architects LTD.

Choosing different timing was to show the overall design through day and night reducing the shutter speed to show the motion of the vehicles in the road.

The design aim was to link the downtown city to the eastern city through this road crossing the old airport reducing the traffic jam

I had to show the main features of the road like the graphic fence, Stela, landscape design, materials used in the tunnel and the road views.

Moreover, getting a minimalistic photography was a way to show the graphic design of the 3 different layers of fence.

I tried a technique called “Day to Night photography” by showing the road view from the sunset to the blue hour in one shot which took me an hour taking some images from the same position.